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Boxelder Bugs, Stinkbugs and Ladybugs in Jackson, Michigan

Box Elder Bugs

Keep an Eye Out in Autumn

The autumn months are panic time for boxelder bugs, stinkbugs and ladybugs. If they cannot find a safe, warm place to overwinter, then they will almost certainly die. You have to prepare thoroughly to keep them out. We replace or install screens on your heating vents, spray chemical deterrents and remove any infestations we find.

Repair, Seal and Close

To boxelder bugs, stinkbugs and ladybugs, your home is the ideal place to spend the cold, snowy months because it is warm, dry and free of predators. Keep them from finding their way inside by properly sealing your home. Caulk cracks and replace seals around doors and windows, then be sure to clear brush or waste away from your home. If you keep the area near your home free of trailing branches and yard waste, you will make it harder for these insects to stage an invasion of your home.
Stinkbugs inside house

Avoid an Unpleasant Spring

Once boxelder bugs, stinkbugs or ladybugs are in your home, it can be difficult to remove them. They may not cause damage or trouble during the winter months, but they will try to leave your home once spring arrives. Many of them might escape the same way they got in, but some will probably find their way inside. Their waste is smelly, and can often stain furniture and upholstery. You will see them congregating around doors or windows, and large numbers of insects is never a pleasant sight.

Removal Help You Can Trust

Boxelder bugs, stinkbugs and ladybugs are notoriously hard to remove once they have entered your home. You need to get professional help to keep them in check and to prevent future recurrences. We identify where these insects got in, where they are nesting and how best to remove them. Aardvark Pest Control takes your stress away by efficiently resolving insect infestations.
Save Yourself the Trouble