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Spiders and Fleas in Jackson, Michigan

web spiders

Hard to Find, Hard to Fix

Spiders and fleas are notoriously hard to find in your home. They are good at hiding in places that are hard to reach or hard to clean properly. Although spiders may help control other insect populations, some species are dangerous to leave in your home. Fleas may not be particularly annoying to you, but when your pets scratch, large numbers of flea eggs can become hidden in carpets, pet beds and furniture. Do not risk letting a missed flea or spider lead to larger problems.

Quickly Out-of-Control

Spiders and fleas both reproduce quickly and produce relatively hardy young. Flea eggs can remain dormant for months until they sense a potential host near them. Spiders can produce large numbers of young and quickly fill your house. Both pests can cause problems if they bite you, your children or your pets.
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Comprehensive Control Plans

If you believe you have fleas in your home, you should first try to stop any more being born. Start by treating your pets for fleas according to your veterinarian’s advice. Then call in Aardvark Pest Control to help you evaluate where flee larvae and eggs might be hiding so that we can prevent resurgence. We will help you discover hiding spots for spiders as well, and then prevent their spread.

We Won’t Miss a Thing

Your home is where you live your life, and you should not have to share it. Let us help you find the flea and spider control solutions that work best for you. We will make sure there are no future generations of pests hiding out in your home to cause you problems down the line. Our professional teams will ensure that your home is only playing host to you, your loved ones and your pets.