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Quick Roach Extermination in Jackson, Michigan

Cockroach in house on background of toilet

Persistent Pests

Roaches are a stubborn problem. They have been around a long time and have learned how to live weeks and even months without food or water. Roaches cause considerable health risks as they contaminate food and trigger asthma and allergies. They reproduce rapidly, so if you notice signs of a roach infestation, do not hesitate to contact us immediately.

Do You Have an Infestation?

The good news is that cockroaches are easy to detect. If you have an infestation, you will most likely find dead roaches under the sink, refrigerator, stove or in your cabinets. They may also lay eggs in these places that range from light to dark brown in color. Roach droppings take the appearance of coffee grounds and have a distinct musty odor. If you see a roach during the day, you may have a significant problem on your hands as roaches are nocturnal. Call our exterminators immediately if you see these signs.
Dead cockroach in apartment house in the kitchen.

Get Professional Help

It takes a professional touch to prevent or fully rid a home or building of roaches. Aardvark Pest Control specializes in roach control and extermination. We know how to get rid of them for good. Trust our trained and certified experts to search your home and surrounding structures to find the source of your infestation. We can find out where the roaches are getting in and eliminate the problem with proper methods to keep them from coming back.. 
That is why you need Aardvark Pest Control to fully eradicate the problem in your home, office or hotel. Our experienced team understands how to erase the bedbug problem and leave you with a long-term solution.

Protect Your Home and Family

Even if you do not have a noticeable roach problem, it is always a good idea to have preventative measures taken to protect your property, especially if you live in the city. Call Aardvark Pest Control today to protect your property and family from the harms of roaches. We will provide a free estimate when you call.