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Mouse and Rat Extermination in Jackson, Michigan

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Prevention is the Best Cure

The best way to stop a rodent infestation is to prevent it from the beginning. The best way to keep rats out is to store food away from the floor where it is harder for them to find. Keep cardboard boxes off the floor in your garage and home so that mice will not chew them apart for bedding. Seal any holes outside your home, because rodents can climb into your home through spaces as small as a dime.

Ignore at Your Own Peril

If you choose not to carefully prevent rodents entering your home, you are putting your family as risk. Rats and mice are common carriers for disease and parasites, so their feces and urine can be dangerous. Rodents look cute, and children may think they are cuddly. If your child tries to pick one up, the mouse or rat may bite and infect your child with the bacteria in their saliva. Even if they do not bite, rodent saliva is still present in their fur from grooming and may still cause infection.
Close-up of three baby field mice in nest

One Rodent, One Infestation

When it comes to rodents, you cannot afford to let even a single mouse or rat into your home. They breed quickly, producing as many as 80 pups each year. When those pups have pups, what was once a single rodent can quickly become an infestation. Rodent infestations can lead to structural damage to your home and constitute a sever health hazard. If you miss a rat or mouse in your clean up attempt, they will become a recurring problem you cannot fix alone.

You Need Professional Help

To keep your family safe, you need to seek out professional help. We will work hard to ensure we prevent infestations by removing all rodents from your home. A single rodent is not immediately a problem. Trust Aardvark Pest Control to keep it from becoming a problem.