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Fast Bedbug Treatment in Jackson, Michigan

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The Spread of Bedbugs

Having bedbugs is nothing to be ashamed of. These pests are most often introduced after staying at a hotel or having a guest spend the night as bedbugs are most commonly transported through luggage in hotels and airports. They also spread frequently between apartment units through wall voids within peeling wallpaper and electrical outlets. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to eliminate bedbugs on your own.

A Small but Significant Problem

While bedbugs often go undetected, they can be a serious annoyance and even a threat to your health. These pests feed on human blood during the night hours, leaving itchy, painful skin sores behind. When scratched, these sores lead to open wounds. As such, it is critical to have them exterminated quickly.
Dirty bedroom

Bedbug Treatment

There is a common misconception that throwing away your bed and mattress will rid your home of bedbugs. Unfortunately, it is not that simple, and doing this often makes the problem worse. Bedbugs are still present in cracks and crevices of your furniture and spread throughout your home. Throwing away the bed makes it even harder to detect them. 
That is why you need Aardvark Pest Control to fully eradicate the problem in your home, office or hotel. Our experienced team understands how to erase the bedbug problem and leave you with a long-term solution.

Don’t Let the Bedbugs Bite

If you wake up with painful, itchy sores on your body, get in touch with Aardvark Pest Control immediately. We employ the most effective methods to remove pests from your home so you can sleep comfortably again with the assurance that your bed is clean and bug-free.