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Tips for Keeping Pests Out of Your Home

Contractor Doing Pest Control
Many people fear walking into their home and seeing mice scurrying on the floors. Or, perhaps even worse, they fear going outside and smelling the tell-tale scent of a skunk who has taken up residence. Pests are very real fears, but the good news is that you can prevent them from invading your home. By following a few simple tips, you can keep all types of pests away from your home and outside where they belong.

Don't Inadvertently Provide Pests with Housing

One of the first big rules of pest control is to avoid having lots of clutter outside or near your home. Your piles of outdoor clutter make the perfect hiding and nesting spots for all kinds of furry pests, including rodents.
While any type of clutter is bad news, be especially careful about storing large piles of wood, bricks, or other natural materials. Pests are bound to take up residence in these piles and, by extension, become an unwanted part of your home.

Don't Allow Your Home to Fall Into a Shoddy State

Keeping your home in good condition is important for many reasons. One of the major ones is to make it more difficult for pests to enter your home.
If your home has any holes, foundation problems, broken windows, or any loose parts or pieces, you are basically welcoming pests into your home. By keeping your home in good condition, you can keep pests out much more easily.

Don't Leave Food out in the Open

You like food, and so do the pests who are likely to target your home. To keep pests from feasting in your home, store food carefully. Keep food in sealed containers if it's shelf-stable and in the refrigerator if it's not.
Also, after you eat, always sweep up any crumbs, and keep your home tidy in general. If you don't have any food out in the open, you probably won't have any pests either.

Don't Let Trees and Bushes Grow out of Control

Having trees and/or bushes near your property is nice. It can make a home feel cozy and add a hint of natural beauty. However, squirrels and other pests also like trees, branches, and bushes as a place to hide and as an easy way to scurry into your home or onto your roof.
To keep your greenery from becoming a problem, make sure you trim bushes and trees regularly and keep them well-groomed. It's an easy and effective way to protect your home and keep it looking great in the process.

Don't Feed Pests Your Trash

While you might see a trash can, a pest sees an easily accessible source of food. If you don't want to send an open dining invitation to critters, make sure that your trash can lids lock properly. Even then, it's not a bad idea to tie trash lids down with bungee cords since some pests are smart about getting into trash cans.
Also, be sure you remember to take your trash to the curb each week to have it picked up. The longer trash sits, the greater the chances that it will attract pests to your home.

Don't Maintain a Moist Environment

Finally, be careful about allowing moisture to collect inside or outside of your home. Just as pests like to be near easy-to-access food, they also like to be near water.
Thus, take measures to cut off animals' water supply. Don't ever leave your garden hose running or dripping. Have gutters installed in your home, and keep them clean and debris-free. Also, don't allow any appliances to leak.
These small but simple steps can make a huge difference in whether or not pests invade your property.
And, if you follow all these tips and still have pest problems, don't be afraid to get professional help. Contact the experts at Aardvark Pest Control to maintain a pest-free home.