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4 Seasonal Pests in Michigan

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If you live in Michigan, you know that the seasonal changes can bring about new changes in your local environment. Pests emerge throughout the seasons, leaving you wondering what steps to take next. Understanding which pests tend to come out during each season can help you determine what to do.


Fall brings out boxelder bugs, which are common throughout Michigan. Boxelder bugs can grow to about 1/2-inch long and have a dark red V-like shape on their backs. Bugs that grow in the summer will begin reproducing near the end of summer, meaning that adults will be ready to invade your home just as fall sets in.
One preventative measure many people take is removing boxelder trees from their yard. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always work because the bugs could come from trees in a neighbor's yard or on public property.
While boxelder bugs do not bite, they can be quite a nuisance. It goes without saying that you probably do not want bugs taking over your home. Exterminators can help prevent a serious infestation.


During the winter, you want to stay warm inside — and so do the pests who take up residence in your home with you. During the cold months, you have two big enemies to watch out for: bed bugs and rodents.
Bed bugs are nasty little parasites, and they don’t just live in beds. You can find them in couches, behind baseboards, and anywhere else they can hide between meals. These creatures are notoriously difficult to get rid of, so don’t try to eradicate them on your own. Call a pest control specialist if you suspect you have an infestation.
Mice and rats seek shelter from the elements during the winter, just like you do. However, you still don’t want them in your house. Mice and rats can do a lot of damage to your property. A qualified pest control expert can get rid of rodents quickly and efficiently if they’ve set up shop with you.


Spring rains and warmer weather may meant that you start going out and getting active again after the long, cold winter — carpenter ants act the same way. These ants can chew through most any kind of wood, but they’re especially drawn to wood that is wet, water-damaged, or moldy. During the spring, the odds that they’ll find this kind of wood go up, so you need to watch out for them.
During the spring, make sure to clear your property of potential nesting sites. Get rid of wet wood that’s around, like piles of tree branches. Carpenter ants also need water sources, so eliminate standing water in your yard. 
If you still see black carpenter ants around in the spring, make sure to call a professional before your home gets damaged.


Your summers may be jam-packed with adventures in the sun, and the local bees feel the same way. During the summer, local bees will be especially active. While bees are great for the environment, since they provide much-needed pollination, you still don’t want them in your yard in large quantities.
If you see more bees in your yard than you’re comfortable with, or if a colony of bees decides to move in, don’t try to take care of them yourself. Instead, save yourself the trouble and the beestings and call a qualified pest control specialist.
Aardvark Pest Control provides pest control services year-round. When you need to control the pests in your home or yard, we are ready to help you. Make an appointment with us today to learn more about your pest control options in Michigan.