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3 Cockroach Myths, Squashed

Cockroach in the sink
Ensuring your home is free of pests is important for its appeal and value, but also for your overall health and wellness. In most cases, you may be fearful of certain pests, so you will want to prevent them from your home. Cockroaches may be one of the most feared pests, but they are also common complaints heard by most pest professionals.

With an estimated 4,000 living species of cockroaches, odds are you will come in contact with one of these pests. Even though these bugs are so common, most people do not fully understand the cockroach. By squashing a few myths, you will have a better understanding of cockroaches.

They Only Inhabit Dirty Homes

One of the first misconceptions people believe is that cockroaches are only found in dirty homes. Therefore, the sight of one in your own home may induce feelings of guilt and embarrassment, but you should not have these emotions because roaches are attracted to a variety of environments and living conditions.

Food particles and clutter are appealing to roaches. Not only will they want to feed off the crumbs of food, but they will also find clutter ideal for creating nests. Because of this, you should clean up spills and crumbs will managing clutter in your home.

However, roaches will inhabit the cleanest of houses, too. Roaches are also attracted to moisture. Your home may be clean, but high levels of moisture and humidity may increase your risk of roaches. Consider sealing your crawlspace completely or adding a vapor barrier to manage moisture under the home.

Make sure you maintain your yard, as well. Mow the lawn regularly and trim shrubs and trees to reduce moisture levels around your home.

They Are Terrified of Light

Another common myth people believe is that cockroaches are terrified of light. The sight of a roach scurrying quickly under the refrigerator or a piece of furniture is humorous in movies and cartoons, but this myth should be addressed because it can be misleading.

Of course, roaches do prefer dark, quiet spaces. However, some varieties of cockroaches actually love the light, though this fact might be surprising to some. You may see one or more lingering in front of a window or crawling across your television screen.

Walking into a room and making any noise can startle the cockroach, so they will scurry away. You and the noise are more frightening to the roach than turning on a light.

They Can Survive Nuclear War

Most people have heard that roaches can survive a nuclear war, but again, this is a myth that you should fully understand.

The myth originated in 1945 after reports were made that cockroaches were the only survivors of the nuclear attack on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan by the United States. Of course, some roaches did survive this attack because they are capable of traditional exposure, but others did not due to the high impact of the bomb.

Human cells are constantly changing and regrowing while the cells of roaches do not divide as frequently. Because of their slower cell cycle and the complicated nature of their body, roaches can withstand exposure to high levels of radiation.

In most cases, cockroaches will die in a nuclear explosion because of the intense bomb blast. If they astonishingly survive the bomb's impact, they may be able to withstand the actual radiation for a short time. 

They may be unique pests, but most people do not want cockroaches in their home. To learn more about these unwanted guests or other pests that may be affecting your home and health, contact Aardvark Pest Control today.